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Prof.G.Balakrishnan surgical professionals After decades of renown and acclaim and a great tradition for excellent medical care, Chennai is fast evolving as the medical capital of India.

One of the long felt need and vaccum has been a world class surgical facility for emergency care of accident victims by a comprehensive and skilled team of surgical professionals with a special accent on the early use of micro-vascular, micro-neural and orthopaedic reconstructive techniques...
Plastic surgery Birth Defects
Plastic surgery
Birth Defects
Cosmetic Surgery
Lower Limb Injuries
Diabetic Foot
Faciomaxillary Surgery
Burns and Sequeale
micro surgery
micro surgery
Free Tissue Transfer
Brachial Plexus Surgery
Birth Palsy
Nerve Surgery
Microsymphatic Surgery
hand Surgery
Hand surgery
Birth Defects
Spastic Hand
Rhevmatoid & Dvpvytren's Hand
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